Sunday, September 4, 2016

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published: January 12, 2011

"Ghosts of Best Friends past"

Social networks have managed to transform the dynamics of how we stay in touch and increased the dimensions of who we stay in touch with.  Not long ago, we would find ourselves unable to get back in contact with people we went to Elementary and Middle School with especially if you moved away from the neighborhood we grew up in.

Nowadays with the advent of all the numerous websites like Facebook and Twitter you can find and keep in touch with just about anyone.  So have you run into one of your old best friends yet?  Someone you may not necessarily want to get back in touch with but you're curious to know if they've changed or stayed the same?

I personally haven't run into any of my former 'arch enemy...I mean former best friends' yet but I'm wondering how I'd feel if I were to come across a 'ghost of best friends past'?  Will my raw emotions emerge if I saw the face of that 'notmyboyfriendyet stealing you-know-what' or have I matured beyond that now?  If the emotions I'm experiencing in this moment are any indicator then maybe I'm just not that over it yet.

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