Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How Do You Determine Which News is Actual News?

The news today has been skewed and people don't know who to trust or what news to follow. I took the time to research and ask the questions I feel people should ask when looking for accurate information about what is news.

NEWS 101

I finally found the answer to my question of: where do you find 'unbiased news' if you believe that regular news is biased and controlled by liberals, the elite and Goege Soros?


Goerge Soros is considered to be the problem because he contributes huge sums of money to liberal agendas

Public Radio = NPR
Public radio is considered to have a liberal slant

Biased news plagued the 2016 campaign between Donald Trump-elect and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Social Media was reeling with articles from so many websites, the average laymen couldn't make heads nor tails of whether they were reading the actual news or just blog sites. The problem was so pervasive that it literally slanted the way people felt about legitimate news sites and created a very unhealthy distrust of the news altogether. 

After the elections, I went on a quest to determine who owned the media dispensing 'the so-called news' and discovered some interesting pieces of information about them. 

I read an article published by the Huffington Post that really went in depth when it came to the mentality of our audiences today. We are used to getting by without actually reading the content we are 'liking' on social media. We have a tendency to 'believe the headline' without ever really reading the content. 

As demonstrated with  this article titled:

click here to read the article

Another thing I discovered, was all sites presenting themselves as news weren't actually news at all. Some of them were blog-sites just like this one where anyone can create content and you just can't trust what the intention of a blogger is. Its just the truth.

The next thing I learned is to define the word news:

Full Definition of news

  1. 1a :  a report of recent eventsb :  previously unknown information <I've got news for you>c :  something having a specified influence or effect <the rain was good news for lawns and gardens — Garrison Keillor> <the virus was bad news>
  2. 2a :  material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscastb :  matter that is newsworthy
  3. 3:  newscast


 play \-ləs\ adjective

Even the definition of news does not include that it must be fact.

The last thing I did was just Google who owned the websites that a Republican friend of mine was reading and posted it on my Facebook page. 

This particular publication is considered to be liberal media:
This publication is a German-owned American publication that sponsors technology

2) The Strategic Culture - THAT SITE IS NO LONGER ACTIVE

It was a right wing media source and according to my Facebook post on November 14, 2016:

3) RT is another right wing news source

Who owns rt.com?

4) The Gateway Pundit 


Now for the Liberal News Sources

Who owns The Huffingont Post?

Who owns MSNBC?

Who Owns CNN?

I had to include an update to this and add the additional news source of Wiki Leaks. What is Wiki Leaks. Well....

What is WikiLeaks

3 November 2015
WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006.
WikiLeaks specializes in the analysis and publication of large datasets of censored or otherwise restricted official materials involving war, spying and corruption. It has so far published more than 10 million documents and associated analyses.
“WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world’s most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.” - Julian Assange, Der Spiegel Interview
WikiLeaks has contractual relationships and secure communications paths to more than 100 major media organizations from around the world. This gives WikiLeaks sources negotiating power, impact and technical protections that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to achieve.
Although no organization can hope to have a perfect record forever, thus far WikiLeaks has a perfect in document authentication and resistance to all censorship attempts.
WikiLeaks, its publisher and its journalists have won many awards, including:
  • The Economist New Media Award (2008)
  • The Amnesty New Media Award (2009)
  • TIME Magazine Person of the Year, People’s Choice (highest global vote) (2010)
  • The Sam Adams Award for Integrity (2010)
  • The National Union of Journalists Journalist of the Year (Hrafnsson) (2011)
  • The Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal (2011)
  • The Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism (2011)
  • The Blanquerna Award for Best Communicator (2011)
  • The Walkley Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism (2011)
  • The Voltaire Award for Free Speech (2011)
  • The International Piero Passetti Journalism Prize of the National Union of Italian Journalists (2011)
  • The Jose Couso Press Freedom Award (2011)
  • The Privacy International Hero of Privacy (2012)
  • The Global Exchange Human Rights People’s Choice Award (2013)
  • The Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award for the Arts (2013)
  • The Brazillian Press Association Human Rights Award (2013)
  • The Kazakstan Union of Journalists Top Prize (2014)
As well as nominations for the UN Mandela Prize (2015) and nominations in six consecutive years for the Nobel Peace Prize (2010-2015)
WikiLeaks is entirely funded by its publisher, its publication sales and the general public.
WikiLeaks has more than one hundred other staff accross the Americas, Africa, Eurasia and the Asia Pacific.
The WikiLeaks Files (Verso, Sep 2015)
WikiLeaks legal team is lead by judge Baltasar Garzón in Europe and in the United States, Michael Ratner, president emeritus of Center for Constitutional Rights.
WikiLeaks ongoing legal cases are best described in this UN report (2015) from the Center for Constitutional Rights
Julian Assange’s ongoing detention without charge is best described here: https://justice4assange.com/3-Years-in-Embassy.html
“This great library built from the courage and sweat of many has had a five-year confrontation with a powerpower without losing a single “book”. At the same time, these “books” have educated many, and in some cases, in a literal sense, let the innocent go free.” - Julian Assange, Der Spiegel Interview
Follow our official accounts @wikileaks@wltaskforce@communitywl and @wikileaksshop.

It is truly up to you to draw your own conclusions about the information being presented to you. A good way to guide yourself through this maze of misinformation is to #1 look for references and links. A lot of the time, reputable news sources are going to refer you (through links) to their sources. Blogs have no obligation to let you know where they got their information from. #2 We all took 'comprehension' in school. Use those skills to determine if something even makes sense. #3 We have to cross-reference our information. If its not on all of the news then its probably NOT NEWS. #4 If it has a slant that is liberal or conservative then I would BEWARE. It's just not worth digesting misinformation. Its just not Kosher.

I hope you learned something today. My mission is to inspire people to search for the TRUTH!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Black is Beautiful - A Poem by Dannette Brooks


My black is beautiful. My black is strong. 
My black protects me from the sun all day long. 
I don't wrinkle, I don't crack. I am that way because I am black. 
I have endured the worst that they've unleashed on me. 
I turn the other cheek because I know I am free. 
I don't need to fight, I don't need to worry because my black is beautiful it gives me courage. 
Don't put me down. Don't get me wrong. My black will shield me from all of your wrong. 
I see you now. I see you today. My black has great purpose and I am on my way. 
I will show you who I am. I promise I will. 
I will show you every day the strength of my will. 
My black is beautiful I know that is true. 
No need to cosign that declaration of my will. 
My black is beautiful. My black is strong. My black is beautiful my black is strong.

--- By Dannette Brooks

What you see depends on where you are standing

---- CS Lewis

After the election of Donald Trump - I Believe African Americans have Awakened

After the election there has been an awakening. Black people are beginning to pay even closer attention to the fact that the negative stereotypes about us are allowing others to believe they can perpetuate the same kind of behavior that our grandparents endured during the dark days of slavery and the aftermath of Jim Crow and segregated America.

We are becoming aware beyond the protests of  'Black Lives Matter' to transcend into the understanding that we are going to fight the devil with our greatest strengths. The power is in the fact that we are strong, intelligent, and have already endured the worst of what this world has had to dish out to us.

We've already proven we survive the harshest of conditions and come out better than we did before. We've been getting stronger and stronger and now we have all the more reason to come together to form a Unity they have never seen before.

There is something very special happening right now. We have to capture it like lightening in a bottle and tell all the people to start studying for the fight is not going to be physical.....

This is a spiritual warfare....an intellectual warfare......a battle of the minds.........and we are getting ready.

Read, learn, study and arm yourself with knowledge. When you speak, speak with intelligence and understanding. Learn the history of who you are and what came before you. Begin to direct yourself toward being a beacon.

Light overcomes darkness. We are the light.

Ben McBride from Richmond, CA - Reprimand of police officers #blacklivesmatter

Everybody start singing a new song. The direction we are headed in, moving forward, is one of empowerment! 

We can stand together. Strong! Tall! Intelligent! There is power in practicing what is the BEST OF US!!!!

I watched a video of a minister in Richmond, CA named Ben McBride who stopped on the side of the road because a woman in his community had been stopped by the police. At the time of her stop, they were training a young deputy. Reverend McBride's intention was to be a support because he had been working in the community as a person who is dedicated to being the change he wants to see. He was and still is committed to doing more to serve the needs of his community especially in the aftermath of the increased police shootings and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.


On November 19, 2016 he was literally just doing what he always did, but on this occasion he became outraged at what he witnessed. He was appalled at how the police were not exercising discretion when stopping this woman in his community. She had expired tags

 Instead of writing her a ticket and giving her an opportunity to gather the money necessary to pay for her registration, they decided to TOW HER CAR and leave her stranded in the middle of the night at the side of the road. 

What followed was a verbal reprimand of those officers that has literally gone viral to the tune of 


"Love is the only cement that can hold this broken community together. When I am commanded to love, I am commanded to restore community, to resist injustice and to meet the needs of my brothers" -- Ben McBride
"We have to step into the shoes of other people in order to understand people's realities" -- Ben McBride
What you see depends on where you are standing. -- C.S. Lewis

I miss my family for the November 19th Belizean Celebrations

Garifuna Settlement Day History

Garifuna Settlement Day is a day in Garinagu history my family celebrated each and every year. Every Belizean family does. We are a close-knit community that thrives on our sense of identification, families and unity. When we get together it's a time when we can eat great food, dance and demonstrate our love for one another. As a community we are very proud of our history and feel blessed to be in tune with our distinct link to Africa.

As Belizeans, we've had the unique ability to celebrate who we are. We are able to hold our heads high with pride because we gained our independence from British rule.

Great Britain first sent an official to the area in the late 17th century, but Belize was not formally termed the "Colony of British Honduras" until 1840. It became a crown colony in 1862. Subsequently, several constitutional changes were enacted to expand representative government. Full internal self-government under a ministerial system was granted in January 1964. The official name of the territory was changed from British Honduras to Belize in June 1973, and full independence was granted on September 21, 1981.[1]


My Great Great Grandmother Ms. Emelda Borden

My Grandmother Cyrilia Francisco -Chambers

As Belizeans we love our brothers and sisters who are African American. We empathize with the plight of our people within this country. Our history here has been stripped and there is no great sense of Cultural identification to their African heritage.  We are blessed beyond measure to have been able to preserve ours. This understanding of who we are has instilled in us a deep sense of National pride that does not include the poisons of slavery and oppression. It allows us to have a great sense of family and community that is bleak in the United States.

Its something we experience very intimately with our African American brothers and sisters, but we have the unique opportunity to see their experience from the outside looking in. When we are experiencing it with them there is the ability to understand that this is a poison within their culture that has rotted their sense of who they are. The atrocities that have plagued the African American community is a stark contrast from what our families experienced during their upbringing. We have our faults and deficiencies but they do not include oppression.

Oppression has a way of eating away at your spirit. It is something unavoidable when you live in a culture that breeds the mentality that certain people (who happen to biologically just have more melanin) are somehow less than worthy of being treated just like any other human being. This thought process is absolutely imaginary. Its like discriminating against people with brown eyes vs blue eyes. We can all acknowledge that to discriminate that way would be ridiculous but its exactly the same.

Education is one of the most important aspects of Belizean culture. The literacy rate in Belize is 76.9% compared to the literacy rate in the United States which is just 21% (for adults) and 19% for High school graduates according to The US Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy. This contrast in the belief in education is one of the reasons why the African American Community lags behind. Its extremely important to use our energy to help the community understand that the way to gain power in the land is to use the power of intelligence to enlighten those around you of the grave mistake they have made in their own understanding about the black man and woman.

People will only do to you what you allow them to. The new thought process needs to be....not to allow it, not to give that misperception life or power. If that message can be embedded in the spirit of every African American living then the idea that somehow the African American is less than will vanish.

My dad Huedney Dennis Brooks in the army

My mom and dad on their wedding day in Belize

 Uncle Jeremy (RIP) and my mom Marion Brooks

 My brother's 8th Bithday party 

 My daughter Kennedy, myself and Lil Andre
 one of many of  our family parties

 My Aunt Vee (RIP) I love and miss her so much!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tony Todd: Charlie Sheen's Best Friend (the rest of the story)

Tony Todd - Charlie Sheen's Best Friend 

Well...I've been working on my blog again and realized my Tony Todd experience was not immortalized in its entirety. There is more to the story from where I left off.

So...let's start at the beginning....Some time in April 2011...

I wrote an article for Examiner.com about Charlie Sheen's 'Winning' video and It was titled 'Celebrity Best Friends'. Itt had Chris Brown's best friend and the section about Charlie Sheen included a picture of his best friend Tony Todd (which wasn't the right Tony Todd) and this Songify this - Winning video:

I received an email from Tony T:
"From: Tony T 

To: dannettebrooks2@yahoo.com
Sent: Fri, April 29, 2011 8:43:02 PM

dannette, the guy you have in your write up as charlie sheen best friend. that is not tony todd. if you want a photo of charlie and tony together i can send it 2 you.  ps i love reading your write ups."

That last part...'I love reading your write ups' made my day and is still making my day to this day. (thank you Tony...you are too kind).

The email I sent Tony T asking him if he is going to grant me the interview.:
"To: Tony T 

Sent: Wed, May 4, 2011 8:32:08 AM
Subject: Re:

Excuse me, Mr. Todd, I thought you were going to grant me an interview.  Are you really Charlie Sheen's best friend Tony Todd, Tony T?
If anything I published something about my experience with a celebrity best friend on my blog if you want to go see it.
At least I'll have record of my encounter with you.  I wish you all the luck with your upcoming movie role.  Practice, practice, practice and make it perfect so we can see more of you on the big screen.
You can still answer those questions if you want.  If not, it's been a pleasure.  Maybe our paths will cross again."

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

EPIC Wedding Mannequin Challenge

Suzanne Delawar


Winston Delawar always loved art and photography, but in college a professor told him he should become a teacher if he wanted a job immediately. Delawar took that to heart, becoming a teacher for kids with emotional behavior disorder.
He loved working with kids but said his heart remained with the arts.
“Eventually the passion took over,” said Delawar, 56. He started shooting weddings about 12 years ago.
A couple years later, 13-year-old daughter Suzanne tagged along as an assistant. After a year, she started shooting weddings by herself.
“I remember my mom dropping me off, kissing me goodbye,” said the younger Delawar, who goes by Suzy. “I remember the bride laughing.”
Father and daughter worked every weekend to make a name for themselves, getting a big break when they were hired by E! Entertainment Television to shoot production stills for Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami, featuring the Kardashian sisters.
“You get stuck with a label as a celebrity photographer,” said Winston Delawar, who lives in Davie. “People just automatically assume: good enough for the Kardashians, good enough for us.”
The company has photographed Y100 events, the Jingle Ball concert, Selena Gomez and others. Their celebrity wedding business is getting the most attention, thanks to gigs for the nuptials of Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, and film producer Will Packer and wife Heather Hayslett. About 70 percent of their business comes from weddings that bring an average of $7,000-$10,00 for still photos and video. Those “moving” images have become a growing part of the business.
The Plantation-based company started as Winston Delawar Photography, but has been renamed Suzanne Delawar Studios. Winston Delawar focuses on bringing in business and doesn’t shoot much himself; the company has 11 photographers-cinematographers on staff.
“She’s the future, I’m the past,” the proud father said.
Although their office and home is in Broward, most shoots are in Miami, Palm Beach, Pennsylvania or other spots in the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean.
As they look to the future, the Delawars are eager to explore television production; Suzy would like to venture into movies.
“The weddings will always be No. 1 for me because that’s my first love,” Winston Delawar said. “We’re never going to become millionaires doing weddings.”

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/biz-monday/article46904380.html#storylink=cpy