Sunday, November 20, 2016

After the election of Donald Trump - I Believe African Americans have Awakened

After the election there has been an awakening. Black people are beginning to pay even closer attention to the fact that the negative stereotypes about us are allowing others to believe they can perpetuate the same kind of behavior that our grandparents endured during the dark days of slavery and the aftermath of Jim Crow and segregated America.

We are becoming aware beyond the protests of  'Black Lives Matter' to transcend into the understanding that we are going to fight the devil with our greatest strengths. The power is in the fact that we are strong, intelligent, and have already endured the worst of what this world has had to dish out to us.

We've already proven we survive the harshest of conditions and come out better than we did before. We've been getting stronger and stronger and now we have all the more reason to come together to form a Unity they have never seen before.

There is something very special happening right now. We have to capture it like lightening in a bottle and tell all the people to start studying for the fight is not going to be physical.....

This is a spiritual intellectual warfare......a battle of the minds.........and we are getting ready.

Read, learn, study and arm yourself with knowledge. When you speak, speak with intelligence and understanding. Learn the history of who you are and what came before you. Begin to direct yourself toward being a beacon.

Light overcomes darkness. We are the light.

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