Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Black is Beautiful - A Poem by Dannette Brooks


My black is beautiful. My black is strong. 
My black protects me from the sun all day long. 
I don't wrinkle, I don't crack. I am that way because I am black. 
I have endured the worst that they've unleashed on me. 
I turn the other cheek because I know I am free. 
I don't need to fight, I don't need to worry because my black is beautiful it gives me courage. 
Don't put me down. Don't get me wrong. My black will shield me from all of your wrong. 
I see you now. I see you today. My black has great purpose and I am on my way. 
I will show you who I am. I promise I will. 
I will show you every day the strength of my will. 
My black is beautiful I know that is true. 
No need to cosign that declaration of my will. 
My black is beautiful. My black is strong. My black is beautiful my black is strong.

--- By Dannette Brooks

What you see depends on where you are standing

---- CS Lewis