Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tony Todd: Charlie Sheen's Best Friend (the rest of the story)

Tony Todd - Charlie Sheen's Best Friend 

Well...I've been working on my blog again and realized my Tony Todd experience was not immortalized in its entirety. There is more to the story from where I left off.

So...let's start at the beginning....Some time in April 2011...

I wrote an article for about Charlie Sheen's 'Winning' video and It was titled 'Celebrity Best Friends'. Itt had Chris Brown's best friend and the section about Charlie Sheen included a picture of his best friend Tony Todd (which wasn't the right Tony Todd) and this Songify this - Winning video:

I received an email from Tony T:
"From: Tony T 

Sent: Fri, April 29, 2011 8:43:02 PM

dannette, the guy you have in your write up as charlie sheen best friend. that is not tony todd. if you want a photo of charlie and tony together i can send it 2 you.  ps i love reading your write ups."

That last part...'I love reading your write ups' made my day and is still making my day to this day. (thank you are too kind).

The email I sent Tony T asking him if he is going to grant me the interview.:
"To: Tony T 

Sent: Wed, May 4, 2011 8:32:08 AM
Subject: Re:

Excuse me, Mr. Todd, I thought you were going to grant me an interview.  Are you really Charlie Sheen's best friend Tony Todd, Tony T?
If anything I published something about my experience with a celebrity best friend on my blog if you want to go see it.
At least I'll have record of my encounter with you.  I wish you all the luck with your upcoming movie role.  Practice, practice, practice and make it perfect so we can see more of you on the big screen.
You can still answer those questions if you want.  If not, it's been a pleasure.  Maybe our paths will cross again."

I'm really too spunky for my own good. I need to tone it down. LOL

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