Tuesday, April 7, 2015

God has been guiding my life and leading me down a path I least anticipated. I finally feel like I am working somewhere where my passion can be an asset to the people I encounter everyday. What I am finding is people are forgetting to stay humane. My new mantra is social media has connected us but we, as people, have to remember to stay connected to each other. Too often we forget that we don't have to give each other a hard time and spew policy at one another as if the other person doesn't realize that rules are subject to change depending on circumstance. We tend to fight harder to keep people from being able to accomplish their goals than just listening closely to what each other has to say and finding a way to make the journey a little easier for each other. Instead we hold steadfast to rules and policies that, ultimately, were made up by someone trying to create order but not put in place to create this atmosphere of the impossible. We have to remember that we don't know someone's full story and taking a moment to have compassion doesn't cost us anything but a little time and maybe and extra bit of energy.

I go to work everyday with the attitude that I hope I am able to be of help today in someone's life as they transition from pre-licensing school to their exam scheduling. I hope each and every one is able to pass and move on from what should only be a season in their lives. I plan to do what I can to assist them in that journey and vow to make sure to listen carefully to each situation with an open mind and an open heart.

That's my current situation and I'm enjoying it.

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