Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm totally new to blogging.  I've learned a lot in these past few days.  I'm understanding that I don't have to prepare what I am going to write like when I'm writing articles, which is really nice.  It takes the stress out of having to write in the first place.

I wanted to create something that's personal.  A place where I can do what I love without the hassle of all the rules of this industry.  I've been thinking about what my focus will be and what I really want to accomplish from creating a blog site.  I'm not sure yet.  I want to leave my mark on this planet and say "I was here".  I want to talk to my children and share with them how I feel about life and the world. I guess my focus will be on my family because they are what enhance my life. 

My mom.  I love her.  She's the kind of mom that gives unconditional love.  She's my confidante.  My peacemaker.  She is the person who always prays for me and always wants the best for me.  Her love has brought me through some really rough times and I am only grateful to have her in my life.

My husband Andre.  Hmm.  Well I love him with all my heart.  He is my best friend and world-class sparring partner.  We are both Aries and we clash but ultimately we're madly in love with each other.  Nothing could separate our love. 

Our love will stand tall as the trees.  Our love.....oh yeah.... he's my bedroom DJ.  I love the music he plays.  He got me at hello with the music.  The Isley Bros was one of the first Cd's we played over and over again when we were first dating.  He's introduced me to a wonderful world of music.   He listens to everything from Frank Sinatra to Gregory Isaacs to She Wants Revenge to System of a Down.  He just loves music and because of him I love music, too.

Kennedy is my oldest birth child.  I have a stepson Andre Jr. who is in college in Texas.  He's Andre's first son from his first marriage.  We miss him and only wish him the best.  My daughter is 16 and going on 26 but she is a darling little mini me.  She has the confidence of a lion and I love her for it.

My son Khamron is 14.  He's very talented.  He is crazy smart and plays the piano, bass in the orchestra at school, he plays the electric bass in the jazz band, and he hopes to one day become an animator so he's going to SECTA in the fall for his first year in High School.  We just received a letter in the mail from Las Vegas Academy letting us know that he is an alternate for their school but he's made up his mind and even though Las Vegas Academy is a prestigious silver rated school, he wants to follow his technical passion and learn 3D Animation.  I'm proud of him. 

I can't wait to share more pictures here.  I look forward to tomorrow but that was never promised so for all who have an ear that can hear, I love celebrating my life everyday through writing.


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    1. I just read through all of my blog posts on my phone. A few typos here and there but it's fascinating to read through what I wrote so long ago. It's a trip down my writing memory lane. I must say I am very proud with what I have accomplished through writing so far. Still working on my books. I've got to find a way to finish them.