Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Father My Friend

I recently lost my father. He passed away from a heart attack on July 9, 2012. I know now that nothing can prepare you for the void that comes thereafter and there are no words to describe what it feels like to lose a parent.  It's the kind of feeling that is ultimately indescribable so what I want to share is what it was like to have a father like mine.

My earliest memories travel numerous experiences from remembering how he would play the acoustic guitar singing Caribbean spiritual hymns all out of key.  He cooked for us often and even taught us Physics when we were barely able to multiply and divide.  He took great pride in his children and his family.  He was the kind of man who didn't always say much but he always set the tone in our home.  That tone was set with lots of unconditional love.

He taught his children very early to put God first and enjoy this short journey we have on earth.  He helped us understand that your spirit is everlasting and your body is just a vehicle.  He was a devout Christian who only lived in humility and love.  In my eyes, my father was a brilliant man with a beautiful mind and an everlasting hand of friendship.  What I'll miss most is his 'ever-presence'.  I guess that's the only way to describe how he existed in our lives. 

My dad was always there for us no matter what.  We could always count on the fact that he would always be there for us.  His being there is what I will miss the most.  At the same time, I'm comforted by the fact that I know his spirit is still with me.  His ideals will never leave me and I am definitely my father's daughter because I know I have done the same with my children.

I treasure all the good times and all the bad, the happy times and the sad.  I've been taught by my parents to persevere through adversity and walk with my head held high.  I am smart and I am worthy.  Our family has endured through the toughest  of times in tact and with enduring spirits.

I will always honor my father by being the person he raised me to be; humble, loving, considerate, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, and forever persevering despite any adversity.  Love you dad; my father my friend.

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