Monday, August 8, 2011

Looking forward to moving forward in my writing life

It's been a rough year.  I've been struggling to stay afloat. That has been the ultimate mission.  So far so good, though.  I can honestly say I've enjoyed all the struggles that have brought me this far.  I hope to continue in the same direction. The plan is to keep building on what I've learned.

I have to say despite my adversities financially, I love my life. I love living each day to the fullest.  I hope everyone is able to live the life authentic to who they are and what they love.

I've been extra excited about working on my two books.  My first projects are almost ready for publishing.  I have a lot of life experience and knowledge to impart to those who read them.  Becoming an author has been my lifetime goal and pretty soon I'll have something to show for all of my hard work, long hours and tremendous efforts.  It's a dream come true.  Nothing could've kept me from it.  It is my life's purpose to write.  I get so much pure joy from doing it that the feeling is indescribable.  I would like to thank the Academy...I mean I would like to thank my mom for being there for me through the good times and especially the bad.

Andre, you have inspired me to write because you are far away and now I have the peace of mind to put my thoughts on page.  Ha ha.   Just kidding but true.  Andre's not here so it's given me the free time I need to write all day and all night like the obsessed writer I am.

Eviolet, you know how much you mean to me.  You are the last Mahican when it comes to my best friends and nothing could compare to you.  Nothing compares to the kind of unconditional friendship we have.  I look forward to spending more quality time with you before we take our last breaths.  I don't want to take our friendship for granted.

Love you all and thank you to those who helped keep that spark inside my heart alive.

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