Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ramone Voshon DeHuges 1974 - 1996 RIP

Ramone Voshon DeHughes
my best friend

I come to update my blogs and when I arrive I see how much of me I put into them.  They truly reflect the moments as they are.  

I would love to keep the theme of 'Celebrate Living Everyday' and I feel I am celebrating my life even when I may feel down or a little lost.  It's the journey I'm on.  It's the place I am in truth.  Life is tough and sometimes things don't go my way.  

I always have to remember that life is what I make it.

  I've been saying that for over 25 years and I know exactly why.  I had my first love tell me that in a card for Valentine's Day.  I was only 14 or so and had this huge crush on one of the boys who lived across the street from my Aunt Vee.  He was charming and always flirting with me but I couldn't be his girlfriend.  He had girlfriends all the time and I felt like being his best friend was the next best thing.  

We loved each other because we were in love with each other. BUT we remained just friends. I didn't know if it was true all I know is we spent most of our time together just talking and sharing how we felt about life and our families.  

Part of me hated him for being the one I loved but the one I couldn't be with.  

Now I treasure our love because it was a pure love born out of friendship first.  He always encouraged me to follow my heart and pursue my dreams.  He wrote in that card, 'life is what you make it and you make it fun'  I got a ring that year to his mom's protest.  She said we were too young to be buying each other jewelry.  He explained that I was his best friend and it only meant friendship.  His sister later told me that his mother took him to the store to pick my ring out.  He wanted to get me the perfect gift for my birthday.  

It was the perfect gift because he gave it to me from the heart.  I love that he was a part of my life for so long.  He was killed in a car accident about 15 years ago.  I miss him and all the advice he'd give me.  

Best friends forever.


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