Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This Is How The Story Ends

My first book is about my relationship with my best friend.  He was and still is a very special part of my extended family.  We met in Junior High School and spent practically all of our time together. You see our families were very close.  There was not a day that would go by that we wouldn't see each other for about 4 - 5 years. Our relationship started innocently enough as a friendship that blossomed into a lifelong bond.  What I realize now is how much we confided in each other and held a deep love for one another. It lasted til the very end.  He taught me everything I know about life.  He taught me everything I know about love. 

He treated me like I was the queen of the world. But what I miss most is not having him there to talk to when I'm not sure about things.  It's funny how its the little things I miss the most. The way he used to joke too much. The way he used to try and trip me when we were just walking down the street. The way he would flirt with me knowing we were JUST FRIENDS. 

A big part of me knows he wanted me to fulfill my greatest dreams. That dream was to become a writer.  

The best thing about having  a great best friend is how we knew each other better than we knew ourselves. I miss my best friend.  He loved me for all that I was and all that I wasn't.  If I could bring him back I promise you I would but what I want more than anything is for the whole world to know how special he truly was and to get to know him just like I did.  I think of him often even after over a decade has passed since his death. I'm sad he is no longer here.  He would've loved the internet. LOL. I'm still grateful to call him friend because no one could ever compare to him and now I have an opportunity to tell our story to the world.

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