Monday, April 25, 2011

Young Ladies Take Pride

Young Ladies Take Pride

Young ladies you deserve the moon and the stars
Be always mindful of who you are
You are mothers, grandmothers and sisters, too
Be safe in everything you choose to do
Take pride in yourself, you lead the world
and be an example for all little girls.

Young men be advised you're on alert, too
Don't think we're not paying attention to you
Honor, respect, and protect these good girls
One day soon, they'll be the women of your world.

         -Dannette Brooks

This is a poem I wrote in an article about teen sexting.   I really want young girls to know that they are in control of how the world around them perceives them and if they just trust that they don't have to compromise their self respect to be accepted by their peers then they can save themselves from the pain of exposing their bodies to people who do not value them and will hurt them once they do.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHOW ANY PART OF YOUR BODY.  TELL HIM TO FIND NAKED BODIES ON THE INTERNET.  NOT YOURS!!!!!!!!!!

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