Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Recently I discovered my almost 300 published articles no longer exist on Examiner.com. I don't think I ever really prepared for this moment because I thought, once it was published online, it would be there forever. Now when I try to link to one of my articles I'm actually linking into what Examiner.com has now become which is AXS.com. I can no longer periodically visit what was once a huge part of my life and I feel compelled to preserve what were my thoughts at the time I first became a published writer.

This is what has sparked this resurgence of this blog. I have this opportunity to share what was a joyous journey from thinking of myself as wanting to be a writer into realizing that I am a writer.

I wanted to publish what I wrote that landed me the coveted position of being the Las Vegas Best Friends Examiner. It was my love of my best friend that got me the job and these are my words that came from my heart:

I love my best friend
Th article I wrote to secure the title of Las Vegas Best Friends Examiner
written: January 3, 2011

Can you really say you love someone if you don't ever have a critical thing to say about them?  Is that possible?  My best friend and I have been friends since the 10th grade.  We became fast friends after I would see her around our High School campus just fraternizing with all of the teachers.  She was something of a social butterfly.  I didn't like her at first cause I thought she was too loud and her makeup was too heavy but something about her really fascinated me.  She was different and she was unique and she was nothing quite like the other girls that went to my school.

I remember the first day I managed to say something to her. We were at the roach coach across the street from campus and I offered to buy her a burger if she would come along with me to the mall to buy a new outfit.  I was something of a tomboy and worked part time at McDonald's.  My wardrobe needed a lift and I thought she was a pretty snazzy dresser so I thought, "what the heck" and asked if she would help me pick an outfit.  She said yes and we made it official.  She proved to be pretty helpful in that department so we became best friends and were inseparable from that day forward.

Over the years we have lived together, had children basically together and we are even now married to construction workers based on my theory that we want a man who comes home to his family everyday.  There have been times when we did not agree with each other but there have never been any times where we have been overly critical of one another.  We share our ideas and beliefs but we never push our ideas or beliefs on each other.  One thing I know for sure is that nothing will ever change the way we feel about each other.  We have a relationship that stands strong whether we call each other every night or if we call each other once a year.  My husband tries to tell me that if she doesn't call maybe she's mad at me or something.  I dismiss it because I know better.  We have a bond that cannot be broken and if no one else understands that I'm convinced that the only thing that matters is that we both know better.

Dannette Brooks, I grew up in Los Angeles, California. I have lived in the Las Vegas area since 1995.

I have spent a lot of my time writing original scripts and treatments.  I love writing, reading, and spending time with my family.  My main goal in life is to leave the legacy that you must love people more than you love things and the world will be a beautiful place to live. Contact Dannette at dannettebrooks2@yahoo.com

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